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April 18th, 2008

 Keauhou, Kona, Hawaii

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Kepa Maly

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Text Box:  Kepa Maly, Cultural Historian–Resource Specialist
& Hoopaa Kumu Hula

Kepa was raised on the islands of Oahu and Lanai, and as a youth, learned the Hawaiian language and cultural practices and values from native kupuna (elders). In 1975, Kepa participated in an uniki, as poo puaa, of Halau Hula o Maiki, and is a hoopaa kumu hula (instructor of traditional chant  and dance). Over the last forty years, Kepa has continued to learn and document Hawaiian traditions and practices from kupuna from Hawai‘i to Niihau — learning from native Hawaiians who have lived their culture as handed down by their elders before them.

Kepa and his wife Onaona formed Kumu Pono Associates LLC in 1995, their on-going work has included researching and writing historical documentary studies; conducting detailed oral history studies; developing–site preservation plans, cultural resources management plans, and contributing to the development of integrated resource management plans; and writing interpretive plans for projects across the state of Hawaii. They are presently residing on the island of Lanai, working with the community in the development of a museum and heritage center, the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center, and developing plans for long-term management of cultural and natural resources of Lana‘i. For further information visit www.kumupono.com

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